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Rozgaar Series: Choose Your Career Wisely

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.” — Steve Jobs

When you take sleep out of the equation, your job accounts for almost half of your life. That is a substantial sum. So, if you despise or are disinterested in your career, you will detest or be bored in nearly half of your life. A person's career is as essential as any other part of their life. And one simply can't afford to ignore such a major facet of life, whether that's a job, connections, wellness or wealth.

Since careers are a prominent part of our life, any decisions that we make must be smart. The best option is to get guidance from the professionals. Career consultations enable individuals to comprehend range of possibilities as well as methods to seek them. Moreover, consultations educate an individual about his/her personal strengths and limitations in relation to the current course or profession, as well as provide guidance on the path or stream that would be best suited for them. The City One Initiative conducts the Rozgaar Series that involves live episodes by experts from various fields and one-on-one consultations with them. It provides the right advice to help individuals with future decisions.

Career Sessions and Advice by Rozgaar Series

Rozgaar Series has amazing set of sessions where industry experts from renowned companies such as Flipkart, Mamaearth, Policybazaar and Facebook share their insights about career in a particular stream or branch. Each episode is dedicated to a particular work field, for instance Artificial Intelligence and IT Sector, Medical Profession, Architecture etc. It even counsels for off-beat professions like Art and Design, Music and Culinary Art.

The first episode of the series was aired on 12th June 2021 in which tech experts from India and abroad shared prospects of Mobile Application and Website Development, Investing in Cryptocurrency, Future of Tech Industry and Salesforce Consulting. You can watch the first episode of Rozgaar Series here.

The term ‘Rozgaar’ is a Hindi word which means Employment. Employment is a crucial element of people's lives. It encompasses beyond just receiving remunerations. It requires having the freedom to choose how you wish to spend your life. It should be enjoyable because it takes up such a large portion of one's life. Life is worthless if you don't have a purpose in your profession. These sessions help an individual figure out that purpose and plan their career accordingly.

It will be challenging to progress if you don't like your job or feel a sense of satisfaction in it. As a result, your job life may be languishing on the top of everything else. If you've been raised to believe that the goal of employment is to make a fortune and climb the economic ladder rather than to value what you do, it's not possible to come up with a clear objective. You can book a free 30 min consultation to overcome career uncertainty and select the apt road.

Many students, ignorant of potential career paths, get on the popular employment hype train. This is not the way of making one with your most vital life decisions and your profession. In this day of stiff competition, people prefer to choose only the optimal identity for a promising future.

City One Initiative has many interesting episodes lined up for the Rozgaar Series. Topics related to study abroad, music and designing will be discussed in the upcoming live sessions. The episodes are hosted by Shivansh Ahuja, founder of the organization.

The one-on-one consultations with the experts from various fields provides students a chance to express themselves, what they want to do with their careers and address any challenges they may be encountering. It is not a generalized course or curriculum guidance. The consultants assist you in determining the best career prospects for you depending on your skills. Their advice and recommendations are unbiased. It is not a technique that is determined through experimentation but a disciplined and scientific approach that entails making informed conclusions based on verifiable facts and analysis.

To stay updated with the upcoming episodes of Rozgaar series, please subscribe to our channel. If you are an industry expert and wish to speak in the upcoming episodes, please reach out to us.

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