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About Us

Commenced in 2016, City One Initiative is a national upskilling organization that aims to develop the contemporary skills of students and give them a platform to represent National and International arena on the dais. The modern-day skills include critical thinking, leadership, oratory skills and many more.


The organization has worked with renowned institutions and organizaitions pan India including Child Rights and You (CRY India), Prometheus School, and MGD Girls' School.

Our simulations have been widely appreciated nationally and regionally. The goal is to improve the quality of education and be a ripple of change in the pond of disruptive learning methods.

Meet The Team

Shivansh Ahuja Formal Photo_edited.jpg

Shivansh Ahuja

Founder & CEO

Shivansh is a postgraduate from the prestigious Nottingham University Business School. He has delivered 120+ upskilling workshops, training sessions and conferences in various capacities. Shivansh has been awarded with the prestigious Nottingham Alumni Award. He envisions to empower the youth and equip them with 21st century skills for their eternal development. 

Our Rockstar Mentors

Pranav Joshi

Pranav Joshi

Pranav is an alumnus of the prestigious King's College London and a renowned public speaker with 6+ years of experience in the field. He has chaired and been a part of the conferences and at LSE (UK), National University of Singapore and Shanghai American school.

Ishita Hundia

Ishita Hundia

Ishita is a  Reiki grand master, empowerment coach and consumer insights specialist. She is the founder of Inscribed Happiness, an initiative to help people grow in their journey of self-development.

Abhishek Puri

Dr. Abhishek Puri

Abhishek is a practicing dentist at NHS UK with 7+ years of experience in the field of oration, debating and Model UN. Some of his renowned conferences include World Scholar's Cup, INMUN and HIMUN (Nepal). 

Rebecca Daramola

Rebecca Daramola

Rebecca is the founder of Gapwhiz and an alumnus of the prestigious University of Oxford and Princeton University. She is a Future Solicitor at Allen & Overy LLP.

Rishabh Mittal

Rishabh Mittal

Rishabh is the senior manager for supplier relations at OfBusiness (Fint). He has worked in the business development team of Byjus, Upgrad and Loconav as a part of his career. Rishabh has keen interest in the finance and technology sector.

Kushagra Bhatnagar City One

Kushagra Bhatnagar

Kushagra is an alumnus of NIT Trichy and IIM Indore with 3+ years of work experience in leading finance and analytics companies including Bank of America, EY and American Express. He also an avid reader, loves music and exploring new places and their cultures.

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