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City MUN Project: Model UN Preparation and Conferences

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Every year, over 400,000 students from all educational levels engage in an MUN.

One interesting fact about Model UN is that it originated as a series of student-led Model League of Nations simulations. These conferences are a great way of interacting with people. City MUN Project is a well-known brand that provides interactive MUN workshops, debating sessions and conferences. Besides gaining knowledge about various international issues, attending these sessions can improve one’s oratory skills as well as increase fluency in English.

Be Model UN Ready with City MUN Project

The City MUN Project is a brand of the City One Initiative that aims to make Model UN conferences more interactive and accessible for students. They've held more than 50 debating conferences, workshops and Model UN training sessions across India. Over 2000 delegates from prestigious institutions have participated in these sessions.


About the Conferences and Collaborations

  • Udaipur International MUN: The Udaipur International Model UN conference was the pioneer conference of the City One Initiative held in October 2016 at G.D. Goenka International School. It witnessed over 250 delegates from the country and a highly experienced executive board panel. Despite the fact that it was the inaugural MUN conference, the delegates were very enthusiastic and gained a great deal of wisdom and debate experience.

  • Suncity International MUN: More than 200 delegates participated in the Suncity International MUN held in January, 2017, at Bodhi International School, Jodhpur, with a number of experienced mentors from across the country making the conference a flagship event. The Bodhi International School is affiliated with the UK based Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) and the Geneva based International Baccalaureate (IB).

  • Mumbai International MUN: The third flagship conference of the City MUN Project was the Mumbai International MUN held at St. Andrew’s College in July 2017. This college is a Roman Catholic College of Mumbai University. St. Andrew’s College is well known for its fest, including MUN conferences. It was the first Collegiate conference of the City One Initiative Team that extended its reach towards other states as well.

Mumbai International MUN by City MUN Project

  • Sangam School of Excellence MUN: In November 2017, the Sangam School of Excellence Model United Nations was co-hosted by the City MUN team and the Sangam School, Bhilwara. Sangam School of Excellence is an IB (International Baccalaureate), IGCSE, and CBSE-affiliated international school. Developing key skills in students in order for them to succeed in their professional aspirations while simultaneously helping them grow into humble and open-minded leaders is the main objective of this school. The unique feature about this MUN conference is the fact that it was one of the first residential conferences of Rajasthan.

  • Udaipur International MUN (Second Edition): Towards the end of 2017, the team organized the second edition of the Udaipur International MUN at the Palatial Institution of Maharana Mewar Public School. The school is grounded in values of a non-denominational family tradition. City One co-hosted the conference with 94.3 FM and Udaipur Online as outreach partners.

  • Mahaveer Public School MUN: Mahaveer Public School (Jodhpur) co-hosted the Mahaveer Public School Model United Nations with the City One team in July, 2018. The conference was committed to the HeForShe Campaign and witnessed gender parity in terms of delegation as well as the secretariat where the ratio of women to men was 2:1.

  • City Online MUN 2020-21: Amid the pandemic, City MUN Project conducted an online Model UN conference in June 2020 to instill enthusiasm in students and give them an opportunity to interact, network and debate. Three committees were simulated, namely UN Development Program, UN Women and UN General Assembly-I. During 2020, the team collaborated with online conferences and campaigns including Modern Youth Project, Girl Up Campaign, Xcel MUN, FSR MUN and Ardor MUN. The second edition of the City MUN was conducted in September 2021. Three engaging committees, UN Children's Fund, UN Women and UN Environment Programme were present. Students from prestigious institutions, including Mayo College Girls School, Sandipandi School and Jayshree Periwal High School took part.

SACNE MUN 2021 by City One Initiative

  • SACNE Online MUN: On 4th July, 2021, Sri Aurobindo Centre of New Education (Jodhpur) partnered with the organization for SACNE Online MUN. Students of SACNE learnt debating skills, negotiation, diplomacy and networking. The virtual simulation had exciting agendas including the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, Incorporation of Women in Armed Forces and the Press Council of India Act (1978). You can watch the aftermovie here.

A number of prestigious campaigns and initiatives such as HeForShe, Parley Project, United Nations Young Changemakers, Sustainable Development Goals and MUN Café have supported the City One Team for Model UN Conferences and workshops in various capacities.

Significance of a Model UN Conference

A Model UN Conference is a great way for students to confront glossophobia. This opportunity to overcome stage fright is fantastic since it promotes personal development and boosts self-confidence of an individual. Indeed, every delegate recalls his or her first speech, the uneasy feeling in the stomach that accompanied it, as well as the joy and accolades received at the conclusion.

An MUN will broaden your understanding of global concerns since it requires all the participants to grasp international issues so that their input may help address the challenges that plague our society today. These conferences are professional role-playing exercises. The debate's foundations are mutual respect and teamwork. It will teach you how to be a better diplomat by honing your communication and persuasion skills. There is also a segment when you must convince other participants to endorse your perspective.

Through training, participants gain confidence and leadership abilities. Model UN conferences provide a secure and controlled setting for students to improve researching, public speaking, coordination, diplomacy and writing skills. The debate requires different people to fill different roles in order for it to be effective. For instance, as a leader, one should make decisions being the spokesperson of a chosen country. Know more about an MUN conference here.

City MUN Project conducts interactive conferences as well as training sessions that provide the feel and atmosphere of any real UN meetings. The City One Initiative Team organizes various social events both online and offline which ultimately offers students a chance to improve their communication skills effortlessly. To organize a Model UN conference and/or training session in your school/college, please contact us today.

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