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Speakolobe: 21st Century Skills Workshop by The City One Initiative

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Our society's backbone is communication. It enables us to create bonds, influence decisions, and inspire change. The capacity to advance in academics and life would be almost impossible without communication skills. Personality development and public speaking abilities have an impeccable role in effective communication. Speakolobe workshops conducted by the City One Initiative assist students in this area along with other 21st century skills. We’ll discuss the benefits of attending these workshops and training sessions in this blog post.

Know about Speakolobe | Contemporary Skills Development

Speakolobe at FDDI India

Commenced by the City One Initiative, Speakolobe provides public speaking, personality development, leadership, critical thinking and spoken English workshops across India to help students improve their communication skills as well as receive proper grooming. One of the most crucial kinds of communication is public speaking. The goal of Speakolobe is to assist students in overcoming Glossophobia (speech anxiety), which is the most prevalent fear individuals experience worldwide.

It's easy to be a student who sits in the back of the classroom and never raises his or her hand to avoid any interaction. Such instances are indicators of stage-fright or performance pressure. Attending Speakolobe workshops and sessions can help with such fears. These workshops also help improve their body language and provide a better understanding of nonverbal cues. This will help in developing a strong personality with intuitive qualities.

Public speaking is an important talent to acquire and hone in both academics as well as the workplace. It has a tremendous impact on your career path and personality. Hence an improved eloquence positively impacts regular, daily conversations between classmates, colleagues, supervisors, teachers and clients.

One of the most fundamental aspects of public speaking is the capacity to enlighten. Informative and engaging presentations are an essential component of success in career or academics. From giving research papers and PowerPoint presentations in school to presenting ideas and pitches to your supervisor or client, being articulate in English stands as a necessity.

The workshops and sessions are insightful as they provide an in-depth understanding of oratory skills, strong leadership qualities, proper presentation skills, help students overcome stage fright and increase fluency in English. Personality development is the source of all of these skills. One of Speakolobe's primary focuses is to prepare students for their professional lives, which, beside communication skills, requires none other than personality development.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Speakolobe at FDDI India

Sessions and Workshops are specially curated for students to improve their communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. What’s more interesting is that the personality development sessions are so impactful that students are not only able to communicate with clarity and confidence but also achieve self-awareness. A better understanding of oneself is crucial in this competitive world. An awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses is indeed a eternal outlook required for speeches and interviews.

City One team has successfully conducted several sessions and workshops in partnership with the top institutes of India, including SJ Public School, CHRIST University, FDDI India, Sri Aurobindo Centre of New Education, Sangam School of Excellence and Kapil Gyanpeeth School.

Every student's destiny is in the hands of the institution to which he or she belongs. They learn to establish habits that may make or break their life through their culture, environment and pedagogical model. When their schools and colleges encourage the self-development workshops, more students will come forward with the goal of becoming confident leaders.

Fluency in English alone cannot lead to holistic development of an individual. It is also necessary to gain proficiency in the contemporary skills. Attending such workshops and sessions will help to enhance an individual's personality and oratory skills. As a result, it is crucial for students to participate in such courses rather than just relying on schoolwork while their peers achieve unfathomable altitudes.

Speakolobe organizes online as well as offline workshops and sessions. Connect with us directly for partnerships or to participate in our workshops and personal consultation sessions.


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