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Free Online Public Speaking Courses

One of the most beneficial as well as feared modes of communication is oration. According to the experts, 77 percent of the population has some level of concern about this soft skill. That’s where elocution classes can help. This blog covers a list of the best free online public speaking courses. These courses can easily be found on online educational platforms at an affordable cost.

Top 7 Free Online Public Speaking Courses

The following courses will help you master the art of effective oration. Learn about body language, the art of persuasive speeches, oratory tips and how to tailor your speeches to specific audiences. Become a confident leader by winning over your shyness.

This course by Professor Chris Haroun of Columbia University- Columbia Business School, will teach you how to become a better speaker and conversationalist in general. Through examples you'll learn how to give professional presentations, gain confidence, command the room, organize meetings and plan your speech. You'll also discover how to connect with any audience and persuade them to care about what you're saying.

This free public speaking course by Harvard University offers an introduction to rhetorical theory and practice, as well as persuasive writing and speaking. It will teach you how to build and defend comprehensive arguments, which is a valuable skill in many situations.

The course begins by examining and analyzing rhetorical structure as well as style in chosen speeches by famous twentieth-century Americans, such as Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Margaret Chase Smith, Ronald Reagan, and others. You will discover how presenters and authors influence an audience to embrace their point of view via this examination.

City One Team conducts Speakolobe workshop through which one can learn basic communication skills, spoken English and tools of speech. It provides less known public speaking tips in these sessions, using which you can get rid of glossophobia and develop a charismatic personality.

Most individuals are nervous about speaking in public, whether they're giving a presentation, pitching a product, giving a toast or contributing to a meeting. Author and educator Matt Abrahams sheds light on what makes individuals uneasy and reveals some typical stress reduction misconceptions in this course. You'll also discover anxiety-management strategies that will help you feel more at ease and confident while speaking in public.

University of Houston's 'Fundamentals of Public Speaking' course by Professor Deborah Bridges has been viewed over 16,000 times. It's a distance learning course that covers all you need to know about body language and how to connect with your audience. This is absolutely free and very helpful for becoming an influential leader.

Your most valuable job skill is excellent communication. This four-course specialty by the University of Washington will teach you how to create and deliver outstanding presentations via education, experience and practice. Each course blends proven concepts with plenty of speaking practice, drawing on established expertise in communication, rhetoric, linguistics, and argumentation. This should benefit speakers of all levels. It's for you if you are self-conscious.

Another great choice for a free public speaking course is the Rochester Institute of Technology's online course. You can learn to control your speech anxiety, gain confidence and make a compelling speech in only three weeks, with four to six hours of study per week. Keith B. Jenkins, RIT's vice president and associate provost for diversity and inclusion and a prominent academic scholar of communications and rhetoric, teaches the course.

Speaking in public is an excellent platform for conveying revolutionary ideas if you want to transform the world. It's a great way to enhance your self-esteem. It is powerful to overcome the fears and uncertainties that come with performing on-stage. Connecting with audiences may also serve as a reminder that you have significant ideas and opinions to share with the rest of the world. Reach out to us for online public speaking courses and personality development sessions.

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