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Top Personality Development Institutes in India

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the shift of education to a digital mode, people are now starting to realize the importance of one’s demeanor and stature even while interacting through an online platform. Personality development institutes are constantly coming up to help and guide the students. When someone has gained complete mastery over this skill and has given enough attention to develop one’s body language, he or she now has the ability to face various problems and the mindset to solve them. People nowadays expect others to be more confident, mature and alert in all situations.

Best Personality Development Institutes in India

Institutes are now constantly working for developing interpersonal skills and personality development so that students can be benefited in the longer run. We have compiled some of the leading organizations who are actively working in this field for the growth of individuals.

Change Institutes International, established in the year 2011, is a leading organization that focuses on the overall development of students from all backgrounds. All the courses offered in the institute are said to be highly focused and well designed. They provide a range of courses from basic fundamentals in communication to mentoring and proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE & OTE to teacher training programs. Change Institute takes pride in using various strategies and technologies so that students are efficiently benefitted.

Speakolobe is a unique initiative by the City One Team that offers personality development, communication and other self development classes all around the country. It conducts various online as well as offline sessions and has partnered with several summer school programs. To achieve this, City One Initiative has connected and collaborated with hundreds of students. The workshops organized by Speakolobe focus on improving communication skills, helping the students boost their confidence and ultimately guide them with their personal development journey.

The Intrad School of Executive Coaching (ISEC) is a company that specializes in Transformational Leadership and Personality Development via Executive Coaching for new economy businesses. ISEC is a partnered school of the International Association of Coaching (IAC), a global coaching organization. ISEC offers multiple programs like Executive Coaching, Coach Certification programs and Corporate Training. These programs aim at helping companies meet challenges including Change Management and Leadership Development.

Lyra Academy portrays itself as an organization that helps, teaches and inspires the next generation. The institution is dedicated to making professional careers happen. They take pride in creating a nurturing and vibrant environment for efficient growth of students.

The faculties at Lyra are a combination of global experience with local expertise, as a result of which the students gain a truly global perspective. As an educational institution, their mission is to create a new class of industry professionals who are driven and capable. Their motive is to transform organizations through education.

Mindskillz is personality development institute based out of Bengaluru. It has a pan India presence in 33 cities with 430+ trainers having multilingual competence. Their approach is to involve every team and individual in the organization for driving results. Mindskillz constantly makes tangible efforts to achieve results around improvements, quality, customer experience, productivity and costs.

They strongly believe that the benefits of training and development for both individuals and organizations, improve performance, increase innovation and enhance reputation. By engaging and doing so, the result is the Return on Investment that makes one competent as per industry standards and benchmarks you as a strong competitor within the industry.

Perfect Trainer is an ISO Certified Training Company headquartered in Guwahati, operating pan India with more than 100 clients. This organization is in the business of training students and corporate staff for personality development. Perfect Trainer has successfully trained more than 25,000 students across the globe. Their curriculums are meticulously designed to get maximum outcome.

Their core areas of training are: Aviation and Hospitality, IELTS/TOEFL Coaching, Self-Development Training and Corporate Training.

Regal Unlimited is one of the leading leadership and transformation coaching institutes that seek to empower individuals, teams and the whole organization to bring out the best in you. They believe in trying to unlock the potential that lies deep within an individual. They specialize in team building and personality development techniques.

Your personality and perspective are now dictating factors in multiple phases, may it be a professional setting or a personal workspace. Studying under these institutes will definitely benefit you in the longer run. You have the reins in your hands and you just have to put in effort. Your dedication and drive are the most important aspects when trying to master something.

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